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Our world is one inspired by our love of nature- the ocean, the forest and wildlife.

         Richard and Max Arriaga are father and son, they've been making jewelry together for the past 10 years. Max has been working as an apprentice and has learned so much but most importantly the ability to design and create.  Coming up with winning ideas to create is what makes us so unique and Max has shown that he has that gift as well.  

         Richard is self taught which is to say he has never taken a jewelry course anywhere.  Together, Richard and Shellie founded Arriaga Originals,LLC in 1988 and together taught themselves how to cast the wax molds Richard sculpted himself.  From there Richard taught himself to hand fabricate his pieces by building them by hand with tools and raw metals, then  after some 20yrs in Houston TX where Richard was born and raised they decided to move to Destin, Florida where Shellie was raised as a young girl. 

         After moving here they established their company within the 30A community of Santa Rosa Beach until present.  Their Jewelry gallery has become one of the favorite destinations among locals and tourists alike.  Their clients look forward to and make it a must stop every time they return to the beach. 

         Richard and Max Arriaga are devoted to creating original one of a kind fine Jewelry with their imagination , love and exceptional skills.   As an independent company we are free and non-con formative of the traditional Jewelry industry.  Each handmade piece reflects our creativity and standard of craftsmanship.  We have redefined luxury for ourselves, celebrating our uniqueness and vision of the future of our company.

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